Monday 20 June 2011 Releases Corporate Sustainability Newsletter

A leading think-tank on corporate sustainability, launches its corporate sustainability newsletter to feature world-wide sustainability initiatives, expert views and analysis.

Jun 20, 2011 – Corporate Sustainability newsletter is published monthly and covers emerging organizational issues related to policy and strategy. The effort is to present viewpoints of eminent personalities and reach out to a large business and scientific community world-wide. 

The industrial world faces a new challenge to shift to a low emission-regime as pressure from investors, employees, customers and regulators mounts amidst rising carbon emissions that threaten to push the world towards an irreversible climate change scenario. 

Corporate organizations cannot shun the impact of their business operations on society and environment any more now. The sphere of responsibility and accountability has extended beyond the conventional organizational domain. Businesses are now answerable not only to their business operations but also to the actions of their suppliers, vendors, distributors and retailers - i.e the entire supply chain. They are also responsible for the environmental impact of their products throughout the entire life-cycle. 

The fiascos of BP oil spill last year and Fukushima nuclear disaster, this year, have stirred public outrage on the impending harm to society and nature. These incidents have eroded public faith on corporate assurances and there is a demand for more regulation, transparency and ownership. 

In this new era, where environmental factors need to be incorporated into business strategy, corporate leaders need to take the lead and showcase their sustainability efforts to create a positive brand image among consumers. provides a vibrant platform to feature sustainability efforts to a larger audience. 

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