Monday 17 October 2011

Will Economic Uncertainty Hamper Climate Change Talks? - Thoughts on Brew

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Did the 2008 economic crisis really end? 

The global economy has never completely recovered from the 2008 crisis. Yes, there were talks of slow but sure recovery. However, if recent events are to be taken into account, the 'recovery' seems a far off dream.

Nations are still reeling under the aftermath of the 2008 crisis as many countries witnessed a spontaneous outburst of popular anger. Last weekend, demonstrations in around 80 cities across the globe are testimony to the fact that all is not well. People are angry over their government's inability to effectively respond to the fast worsening situation. The frustration over rising unemployment is evident as protesters resorted to violence at some places.

Will economic uncertainty jeopardize climate talks? 

Economic uncertainty seems to be gradually settling in, fueled by the unfavorable developments in Greece and Italy. The loss of trust in the financial strength of the US would have further serious repercussions. With governments struggling to take action in the face of stiff opposition, political uncertainties also appear to be gaining ground.

With economic uncertainty most likely to take center stage in near future, the priorities would be more towards immediate pressing issues. Governments would be scampering to hold on to their commitments on issues related to protection and creation of more jobs, price control, interest rate management etc. 

In such a scenario, 
  1. Will the Governments be able to play their role in taking action on climate change issues or put these issues on the back burner?
  2. Is political leadership required for a global climate deal to take shape? If yes, who can play a lead role?
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