Tuesday 2 July 2013

Bad Politics Drives Out Good Science

The pressure on national governments to formulate climate change policies and enact stringent environmental legislation is on the rise. With extreme weather events increasing in frequency and ferocity worldwide, nothing much is left for the political class to skirt around the issue. However, the political reaction to climate change seems to have missed out on a critical aspect – to build public consensus so as to gain a wider acceptance among people who vote and participate in the change process.
The general lack of understanding of how climate change and human activity are interrelated has only helped a wayward section of the political class spread unfounded beliefs about climate change and garner popular support to rally against initiatives that would help protect environment. These are the people who have been able to drive home the point that environmental protectionism is antithetical to development and that it would result in loss of livelihoods and would weaken economic growth. Read full post...

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